How to add a phone number to the BT Versatility System Speed Dial list

BT Versatility System Speed Dial list

You can programme five hundred system speed dial numbers and names. Users of the system may then access these numbers, provided they are not restricted from dialling the number because of their Class of Service.

An option is provided to associate the numbers with line groups so that the numbers can be dialled over particular lines

For a description of the Class of Service Override facility, see the Call Restrictions section on page 63. In short, this facility allows an extension to access all system speed dial numbers, even though the Extension may be restricted from directly dialling a number depending on Class of Service.
If a number or an incoming call matches a number in the speed dial list, the name in the list will be displayed.

To add or delete a System Speed Dial number

  • Press the DIRECTORY key
  • Select ‘System Entries.
  • You are prompted for a password. Enter the system-programming password 1111 in default.
  • Select the location and enter the number.
  • When the number is entered, select ‘Confirm’.
  • You are then prompted to enter a name. Do one of the following:
    • Press ‘Cancel’ if you do not wish to enter a name.
    • Enter a name as described on page 16.
    • You are then prompted to select a line group. In default all numbers are dialled over Group 1 which is accessed by dialling 9.

Note: Up to twenty-four digits may be stored in any location. A name of up to ten characters, including spaces, can be used for each entry.

Note: When programming a speed dial number, you may insert a pause of 1.5 seconds between digits by selecting ‘Pause’ on the display.

To dial a BT Versatility System Speed Dial number

  • Press the DIRECTORY Key.
  • Select ‘System speed dial’.
  • Enter the first letter of the name or scroll through the entries to find the entry you want.
  • When you have selected the number or name you want a free line is automatically selected and the number is then dialled.Note: If some numbers are entered without names they are presented at the end of the list. From a standard telephone, dial one of the System Speed Dial location codes (8001 – 8500).

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