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Due to a lot of people using wifi nowadays this can limit the strength of your wifi router signal.

This doesn’t mean your broadband is slow it just means your wifi connection to your router is low or slow.

You can use wireless repeaters to help solve this problem but this option doesn’t solve the problem this just masks over the low signal.

For example : If a wifi repeater is plugged in to your wifi network, and it only connects to the main router at a 30% signal it will then boost only 30% of your broadband at 100%. But its only 100% of the 30% of the original signal.

So if your computer shows 80% signal from the wifi repeater it will be 80% of the original 30% from the original router which will be even worse than the original 30%.

The main problem with wifi repeaters is that you don’t know what strength the wifi repeater is connected at from the main router.

The best way to extend your wifi is by having a data cable, ethernet cable or cat 5e cable run to the area that is lacking in wifi reception. Then you can plug the cable into the wifi repeater or a proper use of the term would be wifi access point or wifi ap.

This now means that the new wifi repeater has 100% of signal from your router via the cable and transmits 100% via the wifi signal.

This will now give you a faster broadband speed.


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