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Sky Q Engineer Brentwood – Satellite engineer – sky engineer Brentwood



Satellite engineer Brentwood – Sky engineer Brentwood


Sky Engineer Brentwood can provide and install a satellite dish that can receive signals from the UK

I am experienced sky engineer at carrying out discrete satellite dish installations and my van is fully equipped for all

your specifications and needs.

sky Q Engineer

sky Q Engineer

Sky Q installation problems

Need Help setting up Sky Q – we are fully qualified.

Any problems with reception or repairs needed please call

Have you had all you sky cables install by electricians and they need to be finished off

Need a telephone extension connection to your sky box? i can advise and install or repair all your satellite requirements .

I am fully trained to the highest level in health and safety and I am fully insured to work at your home or work place.

I can also carry out them tricky satellite installations that the sky engineer can’t do for health and safety reasons.