Telephone Faults


There can be a number of reasons why you are getting a crackling line.

The telephone extension wiring in your house has perished maybe cracked or outer casing split especially if the cable is running under a carpet and not around the edge of the skirting board also watch out for the carpet grippers as the cable could have the gripper nail through it.
There could be a fault on your main incoming line which will transfer to every telephone point in your house.


There are 2 reasons why you get no dial tone on your telephone line.

There is a fault on your internal extension wiring causing a short that will effect every telephone socket in your house.
There is a fault outside from your supplier either from the telegraph pole or the green cabinet in the street, getting them to admit there is a problem


BT charges

BT charges £130 call out including vat per visit, if you require a telephone extension they will charge you another £75 on top of that making the cost £205 see here BT Charges

BT to come your home to diagnose a fault or telephone problem will charge you £130 – if the problem is out side your home then the charge will not be made, but if the problem is found to be in your home expect to pay the £130.

The BT telephone engineer Brentwood will charge you less than what BT charge.